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S2E09 - EMERGENCY PODCAST: Justice League & The Snyder Cut

November 24, 2020

It’s an emergency, time for a podcast! This week, we’re discussing the sordid tale of the DC comics behemoth blockbuster Justice League. Initially released in 2017 to much disappointment after extensive Joss Whedon-helmed reshoots, it’s taken on a new life after a movement around releasing original director Zack Snyder’s preferred cut formed. What has ensued is a confusing stream of contradictory information, and we’re here to sort it out!

In this episode, we discuss:

  • The mysteries surrounding the mythical “Snyder Cut”: did it ever really exist? Why does the story keep changing?

  • Aspect ratio revisionism and open matte versions of films.

  • Brian Wilsom’s sMiLe and the impossibility of truly non-revisionist reconstructions of never-completed works.

  • The “Black and Chrome” trend.

  • Devan’s controversial Letterboxd review of Rise of Skywalker.

  • What IS art, anyways?

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Additional Resources:

Will’s Snyder Cut tweetstorm.

Works discussed during this episode:


Blade Runner 2049

Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice

The Mist

Mad Max: Fury Road (Black and Chrome Edition)

Star Trek: The Motion Picture


Son of Saul

Brian Wilson’s sMiLe


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