Film Formally

Commentary 2 - IT’S HIM with Sophy Romvari

March 22, 2022

FILM FORMALLY is back! This month, friend of the podcast Sophy Romvari’s films are premiering on the CRITERION CHANNEL and to mark the occasion we’ve recorded a set of commentaries for six of these films - NINE BEHIND, IT’S HIM, PUMPKIN MOVIE, NORMAN NORMAN, IN DOG YEARS, and STILL PROCESSING. We’ll be releasing one per week for the next six weeks.

To listen along, have the film ready to go and hit “play” when prompted within the episode after the introductions.

IT’S HIM (2016)

An unexpected encounter during an afternoon at the cinema catapults a young woman into a confrontation with her own grief.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Creative geography.

  • The learning process of collaboration.

  • Working with actors on an indie budget.

  • Remastering NINE BEHIND and IT’S HIM.

  • Restructuring IT’S HIM in post-production.

  • The transition from the relatively large production of IT’S HIM to the stripped-down minimalism of PUMPKIN MOVIE.


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